RWSD Home Page

RWSD is a boutique consultancy company that specialises in supporting innovation to improve performance in product development, service development, sales and marketing. Our objective is to help clients to create and make money from new products, services, IP, businesses or brands.
Our innovation process is based on 3 core components:

Þ   1. Generating ideas – internally, through engaging current stakeholders and through external sources

Þ   2. Converting ideas – turning them into propositions, identifying resource requirements and targeting the most appropriate funding sources (internal or external)

Þ   3. Diffusing ideas – getting the buy-in needed from internal and external stakeholders to make it happen

At an operational level we can also help in terms of putting together bids for R & D funding, commercial proposals, tender, business plans and proposals for equity funding.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find something we can help you explore further and look forward to hearing from you.